Image of Single Mama Drama


Image of Single Mama Drama

This book has several good points, including its pacing and some of the characters. But the heroine, Vanessa, seems immature, fickle and not terribly sympathetic. Since the story is in her point of view, this is a big problem.

Happily engaged to ex-baseball player Eli Johnson, single mom Vanessa Cain doesn't suspect that he's cheating on her -- until Eli's murdered, in another woman's bed! After that, life as Vanessa knows it is over -- Eli's fame makes the case big news. Worse still, Eli's divorce wasn't finalized, so his vindictive estranged wife, Tassie, plans to evict Vanessa and her daughter, Rayna, from the condominium they shared with him.

The only hope Vanessa has is persuading her boss to send her to the Bahamas to woo well-known motivational speaker Chaz Anderson for their agency. It could mean a promotion and the money to buy Tassie out. Everything goes well, until Chaz and Vanessa click -- and not just professionally. (MIRA, Jan., 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer