Image of Single Mama's Got More Drama


Image of Single Mama's Got More Drama

Vanessa Cain's often-entertaining tribulations continue in this follow-up to Single Mama Drama. The downside: She seems to bounce from crisis to crisis without trying to take control of her life, and it's hard to relate to a character like that -- even when first-person narration puts the reader in her head.

Still reeling from the murder of her cheating fiance, ex-football player Eli Johnson, and the ensuing scandal, Vanessa Cain is trying to pull her life together. But the universe has other plans. The wrangling with Eli's vengeful widow over the condo Vanessa shared with him continues. Her boss, Debbie, is having an affair Vanessa really doesn't want to know anything about. Hollywood is interested in the Vanessa/ Eli story, to her horror.

Worst of all, Byron McLean, the father of Vanessa's daughter, is making noises about shared custody, and Vanessa's ex-boyfriend, Lewis Carter, wants to marry her and make everything go away. Vanessa's tempted, but is Lewis what he seems? Even if he is, Vanessa's still hung up on motivational speaker Chaz Anderson and hoping that relationship might work out! (MIRA, Jan., 400 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer