Image of Single by Saturday (Weekday Brides Series)


Image of Single by Saturday (Weekday Brides Series)

The fourth outing in the Weekday Brides series captures readers’ hearts and keeps them glued to the pages until the fascinating finish. This rich exploration of romance is lighthearted, yet heavily laden with hotness. Karen and Zach are a dynamic duo, and romance lovers will feel the sparks fly as they connect almost instantaneously. Bybee includes a bit of humor to soften the blow of this dramatic and modern story of passion.

An entire year has passed since Karen Jones agreed to wed Hollywood celebrity Michael after rumors about his personal life began circulating. As payment for pretending to be a happy couple, she will be $5 million richer as soon as she signs the divorce papers. Then, she meets her soon-to-be ex’s brother-in-law, Zach Gardner — who is drop-dead gorgeous. He has eyes for Karen, and she’s having a tough time keeping her eyes (and hands) off him. But Karen has to keep up appearances in her fake marriage until she becomes a millionaire. (MONTLAKE, Jan., 316 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi