After getting no acceptable response to her letters, and unable to contact author Luke Amirault (aka Lucern Argeneau) any other way, editor Kate Leever goes to see him in person. Determined to persuade Luc to do publicity for his books, Kate becomes an unwanted guest in his home—at least at first. After meeting Luc's siblings and his matchmaking mother, Kate begins to suspect that Luc's "fictional" vampire romances are based on more fact than she ever imagined. However, it's at a book convention that she truly discovers how right she is—and the real reason Luc is such a recluse.

SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE is a wonderfully funny, fast-moving story that's an absolute delight to read. The explanation of the vampire mystic was inventive and downright fascinating. I especially enjoyed the hero's close family relationships and hope this is not the last we'll hear from this clan. The many, many romance industry in-jokes, including appearances by our own Lady Barrow to help with the hero's codpiece, have to be read to be fully appreciated. Fans of humorous romance won't want to miss this one, even if vampires aren't their cup of tea. (Sep., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley