Deborah Anne Peterson has been blessed with a magnificent singing voice. And though she has dreams of becoming a famous singer, she has yet to act on that lofty aspiration.

During a church service one Sunday morning, hometown celebrity Triage Blue visits with his grandmother and hears Deborah Anne sing. He offers to help and soon Deborah Anne is leaving Georgia to work as a backup singer in a R&B group in Los Angeles.

Deborah Anne faces many challenges as she struggles with changing to fit into the world of entertainment while still maintaining her faith in God and her budding relationship with Triage.

After a tragedy touches her life, Deborah Anne realizes that her gift of song is not being used the way God intended and she takes the difficult steps needed to rectify the situation.

Singsation is Jacquelin Thomas first effort in contemporary African-American Christian fiction, and it is a tremendous effort. Inspiring and well written, she tells Deborah Anne and Triages story without being preachy. (Apr., 368 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Sims