Image of The Sinner (The Return of the Highlanders)


Image of The Sinner (The Return of the Highlanders)

Mallory’s portrait of 16th-century Scotland and the lively adventures she creates for her characters certainly engage readers’ emotions. The sizzling sexual tension between the hero and heroine will leave readers breathless.

Lady Glynis MacNeil has escaped one marriage and is not interested in wedding again. Alex MacDonald is renowned on the battlefield and in the bedroom. He’s never going to be a one-woman man. But rescuing Glynis and journeying through Scotland creates a bond between them. Even as they try to resist, they are drawn ever closer to falling in love. Glynis surrenders to the longings she has for Alex, believing she will never see him again. When they’re forced to marry, she fears he’ll return to his old ways. But personal problems must be forgotten as they are caught up in intrigue and her ex-husband returns. (FOREVER, Nov., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin