Image of Sinner (Shiver)


Image of Sinner (Shiver)

With Sinner, Stiefvater delivers yet another feel-inducing read, complete with her signature wit and color. Cole and Isabel return in full force and readers will revel in their drama, heartache and struggle as they work to confront each other and themselves. Both display immense depth, giving the story a distinct and enjoyable emotional layer. Sam and Grace from the original trilogy have brief, yet perfect, cameos, sure to please longtime fans. All in all, Sinner is a precise and profound character study where each word, scene and chapter should be savored.

When Cole St. Clair relocates to Los Angeles, there’s only one thing on his mind: Isabel Culpeper, the only girl who knows his true self — and the only one he’s ever loved. But winning her back won’t be easy. Isabel’s trying hard to make a new life in L.A., though she’s quickly learning the city has little to offer. As they get caught in each other’s storms, will they be able to build a future, or will their past tear them apart for good? (SCHOLASTIC, Jul., 368 pp., $18.99, ISBN: 9780545654579, HC, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
DJ DeSmyter