Image of The Sinner Who Seduced Me: A Regency Rogues Novel


Image of The Sinner Who Seduced Me: A Regency Rogues Novel

Book three of the Regency Rogues, a band of rakes known as the Young Corinthians who work for the Crown, is a fast-paced adventure. It’s also a second-chance-at-love romance, and the two genres are perfectly merged. Sloane’s novels are captivating and clever and her empowered heroines and stalwart heroes will charm and delight.

A scandal forced Lady Clarissa and her mother to flee England for Paris, where she studies portraiture. She is thrust into a horrific situation: pose as her teacher to complete a portrait, or her mother will be killed. James Marlowe, newly minted Young Corinthian, is masquerading as a traitor while infiltrating a French crime syndicate, when he meets the woman who betrayed his love and is the key to his mission. They return to London where Clarissa will paint a portrait of a wealthy Canadian debutante while James poses as her assistant. Her commission proves to be a challenge neither she nor James expects. Iris Bennet is a wily young woman who wants adventure. From the Cyprian Ball to a prizefighting ring she leads them on a merry chase, but it is the rekindled passion between James and Clarissa that is even more dangerous than Iris’ escapades and a treacherous plot. (BALLANTINE, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin