This has all the makings of a great paranormal romance -- a beautiful heroine, a dark, sexy and protective hero and a compelling and relevant subplot -- yet it falls just short of greatness. A master of creating tension, Pineiro also writes gripping fight scenes, but one can't help but feel there's more to learn about the characters than what's presented. They feel like people we want to know, but we just don't get the chance.

Caterina Shaw has terminal brain cancer. Agreeing to genetic experiments is a risk, but it's worth taking. The experiments leave her with amazing abilities -- and forgotten memories, but Caterina finds herself on the run and accused of murder, in need of someone to help her regain control.

Mick Carrera has been hired to hunt and bring Caterina back, dead or alive. But when he meets her he's clear about only one thing, the woman needs help. Not able to believe she's capable of what she's accused of, he hides her and hunts down answers. Will he be able to protect this amazing woman he's grown to love? (FOREVER, Nov., 356 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton