Image of Sins from Her Past (Scandalous)


Image of Sins from Her Past (Scandalous)

Every reader will be able to relate to this story’s premise that events from the past can potentially alter one’s future. The drama faced is realistic but commonplace nowadays; however, the problems faced by the couple are too easily resolved by the end of the book, making the ending feel abrupt. This reviewer expected more passion and heavier, steamier love scenes in this tale.

Evelyn Banks is starting up her own interior design company and has received the opportunity of a lifetime: decorating the latest resort of hot hotelier Vincent Hawk. Vin, Evelyn’s brother’s best friend, has been in love with Evelyn for years. The two give in to their urges, but Vin can’t help but notice the brick wall Evelyn has built up to guard her emotions. A secret has the potential to ruin the lives of everyone closest to them and tear apart the best relationship each of them has ever had. (SAMHAIN, Jan., 216 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner