Hunter hooks you with exquisite prose and masterful storytelling. Never one to do the expected, she knows how to bring a unique plotline and unconventional characters to life and keep readers captivated. Here's an author who knows what readers want and delivers time and again.

Christian, the Marquis of Easterbrook, spent years traveling the globe and learning how to control his unique powers. Seven years ago in Macao he met Leona Montgomery, the one person who could soothe away the voices in his mind. But Leona was young and frightened by her feelings for Christian and fled his arms. Now she must find him to uncover the truth behind the failure of her family's business.

Christian has waited for Leona and is determined to possess her. It doesn't take much to rekindle their desire and to lure them into unearthing the terrible truth and a sinful secret. (DELL, Feb., 370 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin