Sins & Needles is a hot and sexy, action-packed romance in a category all its own. The chemistry between Ellie and Camden sizzles and sparks on the page. Like the characters in Halle's Experiment in Terror series, Ellie and Camden are raw, real and have major issues. But these two work out their problems with one another in the most delicious way. Sins & Needles is unforgettable and will leave you begging Halle for more.

Ellie Watt is a confidence woman, a grifter, a professional liar. She has spent her whole life being someone else. The only person to ever truly know her is her best friend from high school, Camden McQueen, whom she burned years ago. Tired of her deceptions, Ellie is returning to her hometown and she decides to go straight — no more cons. But her plans change when she reunites with Camden who is now a sexy, glasses-wearing tattoo artist and the perfect victim for one last con. (GRAND CENTRAL, June, dl., $0.99)

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Megan Simpson