Image of Sins Of The Night


Image of Sins Of The Night

Using some characters from her previous book, Quinn's tale of revenge and redemption is part thriller, part love story and part fantasy. But the elements don't always work together. Quinn has created some intriguing creatures with unique characteristics. Sexual encounters include M/M, anal and unwilling participants. Although the violent undertones may make it difficult for some to appreciate the erotic elements, this is an interesting addition to the vampire genre.

Adrien used to be a Shadow Stalker devoted to destroying the Kynn -- vampires who gain energy through sex. Captured and tortured, he becomes a Kynn and seeks to destroy the Kynn, specifically Devon and his wife, Rachel. But along the way, he meets Cassie, who touches his soul. The avenged becomes the avenger, and all bets are off when these Kynn clash and old acquaintances are not what they seem. (Aphrodisia, Apr., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan