Image of Sins of the Soul (Otherkin Trilogy)


Image of Sins of the Soul (Otherkin Trilogy)

This second helping of deliciously dark drama in Silver’s Otherkin trilogy is just as satisfying as the first. She drops hints of a larger plot circling her protagonists, adding spice to their already death-defying adventure. Make sure you snap up this book and this series ASAP.

Soul Reaper Alastor Krayl is hunting the Butcher, an assassin who may have been involved in his brother Lokan’s death. But what he finds is his target already dead, after a conflict with his protégée, Naphre Kurata. Naphre is stunned when her mentor the Butcher tries to kill her. As Naphre buries the Butcher, Alastor arrives, wanting his soul. But things are not that simple, for the Butcher’s soul was previously promised. What starts out as business, and the mission to rescue his brother’s soul, becomes more complicated as Alastor and Naphre discover an all too human attraction. (HQN, Sep., 363 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith