Image of Sins of a Wicked Princess (Sinners Trio)


Image of Sins of a Wicked Princess (Sinners Trio)

In the last of Randol’s Sinners Trio series, she pairs a strong-willed exiled princess with a charismatic and dangerous ex- spy. Randol adeptly adds lively dialogue, intrigue, secrets and a nasty villain to this nicely written, sensual, compelling read.

When Ian Maddox discovers that someone is out to kill him and the other two members of the Trio, his investigation leads him to Princess Juliana Castanova. But this young woman is not what he expects. No coward, Juliana doesn’t back down — even when Ian threatens her with bodily harm. When she admits to not knowing what the Trio is, Ian believes her. She makes a bargain with him: she will help him if he helps her to retrieve incriminating documents and gain back her kingdom. Ian’s lessons in thievery lead into a different kind of lesson as they join forces to quash a tangled web of deceit and lies. Soon Juliana must make a choice between her country’s future and a future with Ian. (AVON, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond