When word gets out that "the whore of San Stefan" is recruiting pirates, sea captain Jean Lafitte wonders what his rival's daughter is planning. Léonore Roncival's beauty is legendary, and the whispers of treasures on her island home interest Lafitte.

He raids her island and discovers a very different treasure—a woman who is his equal in passion—and a lust for danger. As war between America and Britain engulfs the world, Lafitte and Léonore are torn between loyalty and love. And they will fight for the Americans in New Orleans to win their freedom.

Sawyer makes the appealing Lafitte even more attractive and gives him a woman who is his equal. She infuses historical events with color, passion and thrilling escapades. With impeccable detail and larger-than-life characters, this debut will be on historical fiction readers' must-have list. SENSUAL (Jan., 528 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin