Image of Siren Song (The Blood Singer Novels)


Image of Siren Song (The Blood Singer Novels)

Adams is not making life easy for her heroine in the second installment of the hard-edged Blood Singer series. By making Celia an abomination in the eyes of most of the world, Adams forces her heroine into survival mode, which reveals much about her character. Entertainment ignited!

Part vampire, part siren and part human, bodyguard Celia Graves currently resides at Birchwood, a psychiatric hospital for the unusual. While awaiting a court hearing to decide whether she should be permanently incarcerated or not, Celia gets two somewhat cryptic messages. The first is that she has been summoned by the Royal Queens of the Sirens to appear for judgment; the second is from security expert John Creede, indicating that King Dahlmar of Rusland needs her help. Since the king is putting pressure on the courts to free Celia, she feels obligated to assist. What she doesn’t expect is for the Sirens to be involved in a deadly coup. Celia will have to learn about her heritage if she is going to survive. (TOR, Oct., 384 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith