Dominique Charbonneau would do anything to save her family, even spy and help capture the notorious pirate Judah Gallant, the brigand who has been terrorizing French ships in the Caribbean. Dominique stows away on Judah's ship and after he captures his unwanted guest he suspects she is up to something, but he has no idea what it is.

When the ship is attacked, Dominique works to help the wounded, earning the respect and admiration of the crew, but not Judah. Judah realizes she must be a spy, but he cannot get her to tell him the truth. No matter that they are enemies, their mutual attraction cannot be denied.

Judah is captured under circumstances that lead him to believe that Dominique has betrayed him. She learns of Judah's capture after she returns home, and finds that she has been used as a pawn by Judah's enemy.

Determined to save him, Dominique rallies Judah's crew and rescues him, leading them all to safety in the swamps. But their troubles aren't over. Dominique finds a letter from Napoleon in her possession and hopes to use it to obtain her brother's release from prison and to help clear all their names.

SIREN'S SONG is filled with adventure, spies and sea battles. Dominique is a strong heroine who, in the face of pain and danger, will risk all to save those she loves. Fans of pirate yarns will thrill to Constance O'Banyon's latest and most dashing romance. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager