Jobless, on her way to being homeless and without a car, Darien Jackson can't seem to get it together financially. Even her family has all but given up on the intelligent beauty. It's not until her new car is nearly repossessed by the most compelling man she's ever seen that she decides to make some essential life changes.

Maxwell Ferguson tends to run the other way when confronted with high-maintenance women such as Darien. But her Southern charm and outspoken nature are pretty darn tough to pass up. And Max is much more than a pretty face; the independent free spirit soon learns, as she leads him on a merry chase.

Sister Got Game is a comedic drama—be careful of the side-splitting laughter it evokes! Darien and Maxwell are an unbeatable team—never dull and quite young, hip and charismatic. Plus, the way they evolve as they come to grips with personal flaws and discover that they are soul mates is fascinating. (Sep., 249 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton