What would you do if you and your older sister inherited beachfront property in Mexico from an eccentric uncle? Sisters Joanne and Melanie take off on the adventure of their lives to check out their inheritance. Every step of the journey, from cruise ship to the dusty road trip through the Baja, is loaded with surprises—some of them downright shocks.

Among the colorful folk they meet, Joanna Banana and Melly Jelly Belly discover that nothing beats sisterhood. Unless, of course, it's a tall, dark and unattached missionary doctor (for Joanne), or a fresh and bold walk with God (for already-married Melanie).

The zany adventures of the Sisterchicks continue with Gunn's latest, a wild trek below the border. Poignant moments play counterpoint to humorous events and sensitive introspection. Readers may discover new truths about themselves in these delightful sisters' journey. (Oct., 325 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson