Image of Sister's Choice (Shenandoah Album)


Image of Sister's Choice (Shenandoah Album)

Richards delivers another moving yet funny chapter in her Shenandoah Album series. All of her characters are quite wonderful, but Jamie, her two daughters and Cash are standouts.

At odds for years, Jamie Dunkirk and her sister, Kendra, have finally come to terms with their difficult childhood. They've become so close that Jamie moves her two young daughters, Hannah and Alison, into a cabin on the property Kendra shares with her husband, Isaac.

A graduate architecture student, Jamie has drafted plans for the couple's dream house, and builder Cash Rosslyn is tapped to make it a reality. Having Cash around complicates things slightly when Jamie moves into phase two -- making Kendra's house a home by acting as a gestational surrogate to the child she and Isaac want badly.

For the first time in ages, Jamie's interested in a man ... but dating while eating for several is interesting, to say the least! Then Jamie learns that a serious health issue could threaten everything she's worked for, including the pregnancy. (MIRA, Jul., 544 pp., $24.95)
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Catherine Witmer