Image of Sisters of Mercy Flats


Image of Sisters of Mercy Flats

Copeland creates a wonderful story that is rich in imagery and characters that will have readers laughing out loud. The verbal sparring between Abigail and Hershall is delightful and the hat chasing scenes are hilarious. Let us hope there is a return trip to Mercy Flats in our future.

The three beautiful McDougal sisters are gifted swindlers. Unfortunately, the law catches up to them and they are being transported to jail. When their jail wagon is attacked, all three are rescued by different men. Abigail is rescued by bumbling shoe salesman Hershall Digman. When Abigail steals his horse to reunite with her sisters, she discovers hidden papers in the saddlebags. Could this mild-mannered salesman actually be a Confederate spy? (Harvest House, Jun., 240 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Hanson