SIX-WEEK MARRIAGE MIRACLE (4) by Jessica Matthews: A month ago, trauma nurse Leah Montgomery received news that her estranged husband died in a plane crash in the Mexican jungle. Leah is understandably upset, but she also feels tremendous guilt because the last conversation she had with Gabe was when she asked him for a divorce. Leah is shocked when Gabe is found, bruised and broken, but alive. She is further surprised when Gabe announces that he wants to make their marriage work and will do anything to get her back. However, there is no easy fix for their marriage which fell apart after a miscarriage and a failed adoption attempt. When the couple is given the chance to create a ready-made family they have a big decision to make. With a rich backstory and an emotional reunion, readers are treated to a beautiful love story between Gabe and Leah. It is heartwarming to see two people deeply in love get a second chance. 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne