Armstrong mixes reality and magic
to weave a short yet sexy and entertaining story. Despite the low word count
she fleshes out her characters and
develop a convincing romance. She writes believable dialogue and provides enough background information to please readers. The ending is expected but still satisfying and well done.

Mckenzie Cade can't seem to find the right guy. Her last boyfriend cheated on her and she's ready to give up on men. Then an old friend moves back to town and turns her world upside down. Mckenzie doesn't remember Jake Bremmer's kisses, but he plans to remind her and make sure she never forgets him again. Mckenzie responds to Jake and even likes his slightly dominant sex play. But Deidre, a woman who's been cursed and imprisoned in Mckenzie's favorite tree, is determined to split them up like she did once before. (LOOSE-ID.NET, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski