Image of Sizzle: A Novel


Image of Sizzle: A Novel

In Garwood's latest, besides experiencing the danger from the hero and
heroine's viewpoint, readers also follow the exploits of a somewhat bumbling assassin. This element of quirky humor provides a nice lift to the story and is the quintessential Garwood touch. Another excellent adventure!

Film student Lyra Prescott is working diligently on her documentary about a once-beautiful park. Walking through a wealthy neighborhood, Lyra discovers a bizarre yard sale -- an angry, unhinged wife tossing out all her husband's belongings. To save the valuable first-edition books, Lyra packs them up along with some DVDs. Later, the wife shoots her husband and herself. Milo Smith is an unusual assassin, who almost accidentally accomplishes his kills. His boss has sent him to recover "something" at the murder/suicide scene, and Milo thinks Lyra may have it. When Lyra's roommate Sidney Buchanan is attacked at their place, FBI agent Sam Kincaid is drafted by Sidney's brothers to protect Lyra. (BALLANTINE, Jan., 320 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith