Image of Sizzle


Image of Sizzle
SIZZLE (4) by Katherine Garbera: Any fan of reality TV will feel instantly at home with this lively story, loosely based on the hit chef competition shows we’ve seen on air. Readers met heroine Staci Rowland in Garbera’s January release, One More Kiss, where she revealed to her cupcake business partner that she’d applied to be on Premier Chef. Her hot Cajun competition, Remy Cruzel, heir to a Michelin-starred New Orleans restaurant legacy, has hidden his identity, to see if he really has what it takes to hold the reins at his family restaurant. The intense attraction between the two inspires and elevates their cooking to new levels, but Remy’s lies prove to be the thing that could win or lose him both the show and the girl.
Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson