Jake Delaney is in Scotland looking for the missing copy of Texas Declaration of Independence and running from his mothers matchmaking schemes. His pregnant hostess, Flora Dunbar, is an enigma to him. He cannot reconcile the fact that sometimes he is attracted to her and at other times he is not.

Jake does not know that Flora has an identical twin sister, Gillian Ross, who is practicing her haunting on Jake. The first time Jake sees Gillian she is the headless white lady of Rowenclare. Jake knows that what he saw was a flesh-and-blood woman, even though he cant explain her ghostly appearance. Then Gillian drugs him, discovers why he is in Scotland and kicks him out of the castle.

Jake is determined to fulfill his mission. He sneaks back into the castle and manages to convince the family to give him the declaration in exchange for acting like a ghost for Lord Harrington, who is intent on buying the castle only if it is haunted.

Gillian becomes Jakes teacher, schooling him on how to be a ghost and things begin to sizzle until he botches his job. All he really wants is to win her heart which now means that Jake has to get rid of Gillians ex-betrothed, buy the castle and overcome Gillians doubts about his staying in Scotland.

SIZZLE ALL DAY, a spin-off of Simmer All Night, has Geralyn Dawsons trademark humor displayed by her headstrong characters and their laugh-out-loud escapades. Tenderness abounds and is shown in the way Ms. Dawson deals with the secondary characters, from Gillians little sister to her aging uncle (and especially Jakes crippled dachshund), and lets them steal your heart. SENSUAL (Sep., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager