Image of Sizzle and Burn (The Arcane Society, Book 3)


Image of Sizzle and Burn (The Arcane Society, Book 3)

Krentz is back and showcasing her special skills in another rousing adventure in the world of the Arcane Society. Two suspense threads wind their way through this tale, leaving a spunky heroine stuck in the middle. As always, Krentz laces humor and passion through her plots and keeps the suspense edgy.

Following her father's death and the destruction of his lab on orders from the Arcane Society, young Raine Tallentyre and her aunt, Vella, broke off all contact with the psychic society. Years later, after Vella's death, Raine psychically discovers a kidnapped young woman in her aunt's basement. A serial killer had been using the empty property, and now he has turned his attention toward Raine.

P.I. Zack Jones has been sent to check into the disappearance of an Arcane scientist shortly after he visited Vella on the day of her death. Considering past events, Raine is not thrilled to see Zack, but she too wants answers regarding her father's and Vella's deaths. Raine and Zack are both powerful psychics -- can they overcome the past and combine their talents to solve these cases? (PUTNAM, Jan., 368 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith