Image of Sizzling (The Buchanans, Book 3)


Image of Sizzling (The Buchanans, Book 3)

No one packs more
emotional punch and humor into a story than Mallery. The ability to move a reader from laughter to tears is a special
talent and this author has it in spades.
As hero material, Reid Buchanan
needs some polishing and nurse Lori Johnston is just the woman to shine
him up! Another terrific chapter in
the warm and powerful Buchanan
family saga!

After being a media darling for years, former baseball player Reid Buchanan suddenly finds himself the subject of a humiliating hatchet job by a reporter/former one-night stand. Hiding seems the best policy, so Reid moves in with his grandmother, Gloria, who is recovering from a broken hip.

The dragon-like Gloria has alienated all her grandchildren, much to the disgust of her new day nurse Lori Johnston. The unflappable Lori is not intimidated by Gloria's vicious temper and tongue, and soon sees through to the lonely woman beneath. Lori views Reid and his dilettante ways with a mixture of attraction and disgust. Used to immediately charming women, Reid finds Lori's hard truths painful, but revealing. His baseball career is over, isn't it time he moved on with his life? As for Lori, she's played it safe with men for years ... is she willing to take a risk? (HQN, Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith