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by Janet Evanovich

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Suspense

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The 16th chapter in the rollicking adventures of Stephanie Plum kicks off with a kidnapping and only gets nuttier from there. This long-running series continues to be over-the-top funny and filled to the brim with wacky characters. The fact that filming should start soon on a movie version of One for the Money is another reason for longtime fans to rejoice!

Although her cousin Vinnie is a sleazeball, he is also both family and her employer, so when he is kidnapped, Stephanie feels obligated to step in. It seems Vinnie owes a lot of money to a bookie. Since Vinnie was kidnapped while with a hooker, his wife is not interested in helping. When Stephanie, Lula and Connie realize that Bobby Sunflower will have Vinnie killed unless they can come up with $1.2 million, they embark on various plans of attack. The problem is that someone even nastier than Bobby may be part of this mixed-up scam. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jun., 309 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed By: JIll M. Smith

Publisher: ST. MARTIN’S

Published: June 2010

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3 Stars

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Sizzling Sixteen

Submitted by Robin in PA on September 23, 2011 - 8:13pm.

Stephanie's boss, Vinnie, has been kidnapped by local mobsters who are looking to collect on his massive gambling debts.  It's up to Stephanie, Lula and Connie to come up with the money or Vinnie's days are numbered. 

This is the 16th book in the Stephanie Plum series and there was nothing new in it.  You had the same characters, the same tired jokes, the same Stephanie not being able to decide between hot cop Joe Morelli or hot security expert Ranger.  There was definitely no "sizzle" in Sizzling Sixteen.  My rating:  2.5 Stars.

Sizzling Sixteen

Submitted by AngelsPixie on July 29, 2010 - 1:03pm.

Every June I make sure I know the date that the next Stephanie Plum book will be released. I'm usually standing at the bookstore's door ready to grab up the next number in the series.

Imagine my disappointment when I finished this book. Where was Joe and Ranger? Wasn't there just too much talk about donuts and fried chicken? I was hard pressed to find a giggle let alone a belly laugh in this book.

Maybe Lula needs to get that queen sized model contract and move to New York. Maybe Stephanie and Ranger need to do the deed once again as long as she's a free woman from Joe at the moment. The books need a shot of funny and maybe a new character.

I love Evanovich's writing. Her talent for conversation is golden. Maybe she had other things on her mind while writing this one. I'll look forward to next year's 17th novel in the adventures of our favorite bounty hunter.