Image of Sizzling Sixteen (Stephanie Plum Novels)


Image of Sizzling Sixteen (Stephanie Plum Novels)

The 16th chapter in the rollicking adventures of Stephanie Plum kicks off with a kidnapping and only gets nuttier from there. This long-running series continues to be over-the-top funny and filled to the brim with wacky characters. The fact that filming should start soon on a movie version of One for the Money is another reason for longtime fans to rejoice!

Although her cousin Vinnie is a sleazeball, he is also both family and her employer, so when he is kidnapped, Stephanie feels obligated to step in. It seems Vinnie owes a lot of money to a bookie. Since Vinnie was kidnapped while with a hooker, his wife is not interested in helping. When Stephanie, Lula and Connie realize that Bobby Sunflower will have Vinnie killed unless they can come up with $1.2 million, they embark on various plans of attack. The problem is that someone even nastier than Bobby may be part of this mixed-up scam. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jun., 309 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith