Bored by her shopping-obsessed friends and overwhelmed by the nonstop extracurriculars her parents are convinced she needs to get into Harvard, 15-year-old Dawn Miller decides she needs a change when she meets new girl Starr.

Now, instead of going to yearbook committee and Japanese lessons, she's hanging out with Starr downtown watching skateboarders in a parking garage and praying she doesn't get caught by "The Evil Ones"--aka, her parents.

But even getting caught would be worth it once she meets super-hot "Sk8er Boy" Sean McNally, who's smart and sweet and totally gets her. But she's not allowed to date yet, and her parents will never go for a boy from the wrong side of town.

Mancusi has scored a hit. Dawn is likeable, and any teen girl--wealthy or not--should identify with her typical problems. From boys to friends to parents, the author covers it all. She even manages to include one or two deeper messages in the form of "straight edge" teens and a "perfect" wealthy boy who turns out to be a real jerk. (Oct., 208pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay