In 1558, the Spanish galleon Estrella de Espana sank off the Georgia coast during a violent storm. Archaeologists Francisco Lewis and Trey Marcus are heading up a team that is using a unique cofferdam to explore the site. John Wests construction company won the bid to build the cofferdam, which holds back the ocean for the exploration of the site.

Professor of Osteology Lindsay Chamberlain has been brought in to help identify some bones. Lindsay realizes that the bones belong to a murder victim. More recent remains soon become the focus of attention when the body of construction competitor Hardy Denton is found.

The archeology team has been trying to keep quiet the possibility of a second ship wreck site nearby, one that might yield treasure. Possible riches draw scavengers, and in particular Evangeline Jones, a world-class treasure hunter. A second murder once again proves to Lindsay that man has not outgrown his capacity for violence.

SKELETON CREW is the newest literary offering from outstanding suspense author Beverly Connor. Lindsay is back and deftly uncovering motives for murder, whether they be centuries old or much more recent. (Oct., 352 pp., $20.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith