Innovative author Teresa DesJardien treats us to another of her special delights: a warm and wonderful romance with a sparkling touch of whimsy.

Lady Augustine Wayfield never expected to turn out to be a matchmaker. After all, her own marriage had left a lot to be desired, and she has lived quite happily alone since her late husband's death. Nevertheless, more than one couple holds her responsible for their current happiness.

But there is one union for which she feels continuing guilt. The marriage of her neighbor, Lord Sumner, turned out to be a disaster, eventually leaving him a widower with a delicate young son. And hence his dilemma.

He needs a wife, and he needs her quickly. Who better than Lady Auggie to find him one? Since he has no intention of marrying for love again, it should be easy, right?

Not exactly. And therein lies the tale of a delicious courtship of two lonely people who discover unexpected love together. Enjoy, enjoy! (July, 252 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer