With the first story in The Ether Chronicles, author Zoe Archer welcomes readers into a wonderful new steampunk world. It’s an action-packed alternative history where airships and the Men O’War that power them will be the deciding factor in an epic war between the Hapsburg and British Empires. The story’s innovative fighting scenes are delicately balanced with flashbacks of the hero and heroine’s previous relationship, which makes a great foil to the constant battles Christopher and Louise now must fight. This unique, intriguing short story will surely delight both historical romance fans and paranormal lovers.

Captain Christopher Redmond is more than just an airship commander, he is also a Man O’War, literally. He’s been infused with a rare metal that makes him stronger and deadlier. However, while the telumium implants make Christopher physically superior, there is no protecting his heart from feeling the pain of once again seeing his lost love, Louisa Shaw.

Louisa is a highly trained intelligence agent for England and there is no one better suited to going undercover to expose enemy secrets. However, in order to serve the British Empire, Louisa chose her country over her relationship with Christopher, who was both her lover and best friend. Now, on the eve of her most dangerous mission, Louisa is reunited with Christopher. Unfortunately, the couple is on a collision path with the Hapsburg regime’s most important munitions armament, and in order to save their country, it looks like this couple will have to sacrifice their love — and their lives. (AVON IMPULSE, Apr., dl. $1.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne