A sexy sizzler of a story about a con girl and an assassin, with just a soupçon of paranormal, this book will cause compulsive reading. If you loved Linda Howard's Death Angel, then lunge for this one. It has the same general form but adds first-rate, emotion-filled love scenes.

Small-time con artist Kyra, who can steal abilities with a touch, is not letting a big-time Vegas casino owner get away with beating her dad to death. She set up the perfect sting, played it like an Oscar winner, took the money and ran. Only trouble is, the Vegas thug has put a hit man on her trail, a guy that always gets his man -- or woman.

Reyes is the ultimate assassin: precise, detailed and emotionally detached. Instructed to get the money back before he kills her, Reyes begins to build a working relationship with Kyra, only to be blindsided by the emotional heat that springs up. But Kyra doesn't forgive deception, especially when she's feeling emotionally vulnerable, and Reyes isn't the only hit man around. Can this tangle yield anything other than tragedy?

(Berkley SENSATION, Nov., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan