Image of Skin Heat (Berkley Sensation)


Image of Skin Heat (Berkley Sensation)

In this third Skin book, we follow a tangential story. There is minimal reference to the core premise; instead, this is
a gripping suspense tale wrapped in a red-hot love story. The resolution of the murder plotline is woven beautifully into the HEA of the romance. Gray is just getting better and better with this series.

Zeke Noble has escaped from the facility where cruel experiments stole pieces of his soul. Now he just wants to rebuild his life. To do so, he must battle the changes in him that make him more animal than human. He also needs a job. Luckily, local vet Geneva Harper needs help with the animals, and he can certainly do that. Geneva is drawn to the taciturn tech, but she has troubles of her own, having been cut off from her wealthy family. Soon bodies of women who resemble Geneva are turning up, and the bond forming between her and Zeke may be the only thing that can save her. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jan., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan