Image of Skinny


Image of Skinny

Undeniably an “issues” novel, Skinny does double duty as an engrossing page-turner and a sensitive account of an overweight teen’s struggles. Though technically imperfect — certain sections are overwrought, and the conclusion is drawn out — Cooner’s debut nevertheless portrays Ever as a relatable, mostly normal teen — a girl many will find inspiring and likable.

Since the death of her mother and her father’s remarriage, Ever Davies has been putting on weight. And not just a few extra pounds — she’s morbidly obese, and it’s leading to serious health issues. She’s tried dieting and exercise to no avail — especially frustrating since her stepsisters are both effortlessly thin and gorgeous — and she thinks about her size constantly. When Ever goes through with a risky surgery, she’ll learn to look within for reassurance, and to expand her worldview. (POINT, Oct., 272 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780545427630, HC, 12 & Up)
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Ellen Parsons