Hotshot Sarasota attorney Lilly Belle Rose Cleary gets a hot potato of a case dumped in her lap. One of her clients dies suddenly after smoking a toxic marijuana joint, and then she's mugged in the firm's parking lot.

Is there a connection between the events? The detective in charge, Sam Santuri, thinks so. And despite the bad timing, Lilly can't help noticing that Sam is quite interesting. But Lilly's former lover, Newly Moneta, is getting divorced yet again and has somehow moved back into Lilly's place without her permission.

That Newly arrived with an albino ferret with bladder-control issues just adds to the general weirdness in her life. After a murder attempt is made on another of Lilly's clients, she decides she had better figure out what's going on before she ends up pushing up daisies.

A star is born with the launch of this new mystery series. Debut author Matturro is a real find. She combines humor, legal drama and general wackiness into a funny and intriguing story. (Nov., 256 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith