Dana Evans, a popular anchorwoman on the hottest station in Washington, DC, is never afraid to go after a good story. One evening she interviews Gary Winthrop, the last surviving member of a beloved philanthropic family headed by the late diplomat, Taylor Winthrop. The interview is Garys last, for later that evening he is killed by robbers. Dana puts together a story on Gary and finds that all members of the Winthrop family died that yearand all died in accidents. Dana finds this to be too much to be a coincidence, so she decides to research Taylor Winthrop.

The accepted picture of Winthrop is that of a beloved statesman, a person who would do anything for the good of the nation. But Danas probe reveals that Taylor may have been a rapist, traitor, thief and killer. Before she can uncover the truth, Dana comes to the attention of a mysterious person who will stop at nothing to prevent her from finishing her story.

Master storyteller Sidney Sheldon is in prime form in THE SKY IS FALLING. Full of romance, danger, suspense and poignancy, this book offers a wonderful way to spend a weekend. (Sep., 368 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg