On a visit to the American West, young Elizabeth Talbot sees the man of her dreams, half-Scot, half-Lakota warrior, White Arrow (AKA Fletcher Mackinnon).

Years later, Elizabeth writes political pamphlets in favor of Princess Caroline of Brunswick, King George's unwanted wife, in part because she is tired of being under her power hungry Uncle Percy's thumb. Suddenly Percy announces that Elizabeth is to wed the Scottish laird, Red Mackinnon.

When Red claims that Elizabeth does not suit his taste, Fletcher steps forward, offering her a marriage of convenience. Fletcher has never forgotten the brave girl whose courage and kindness impressed his Lakota soul.

Soon their mutual desire makes theirs a true marriage, but when Elizabeth believes Fletcher has betrayed her, she flees to England. His father's sudden death sends Fletcher to London on a mission of revenge. Here in King George's court and Princess Caroline's drawing room, Fletcher and Elizabeth become ensnared in a diabolical trap where not only the Princess's life, but their own are at stake.

Set against an unusual backdrop and brimming over with colorful historical detail and the aura of 1815 London, SKYE LAKOTA is a wonderful, intriguing romance. Krista Janssen blends mystery and passion to craft a fine, entertaining tale. SENSUAL (June, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin