Following the success of Skye Lakota, Krista Janssen takes Fletcher and Elizabeth's daughter to America, her father's homeland, where she finds new friends, old enemies and great challenges. Fletcher makes the decision to send Skye and her mother to America to search for land for their horse farm.

In New Orleans, Skye meets James Kyle Wyndford, who has just returned from the Dakotas following his brother's brutal death at the hands of the Sioux. His hatred for the Indians runs deep, and he has no idea that the lovely, vibrant young woman he has met is part Sioux until they are accosted by Loup Leaveaux, a deranged warrior who hates both Kyle and Skye's families.

A bizarre twist of fate thrusts Kyle and Skye into an unwanted marriage, and together they head west, first by boat and then on horseback. The journey is dangerous and passion-filled.

Once out west, Skye begins to scout for land and even travels to the Sioux village to locate her father's people. She is welcomed and given her Sioux name, Morning Song.

Kyle, worried about Skye's safety and angry that she went to the village, nearly destroys their fragile love. Skye knows she must decide if she wants to stay in the Dakotas as Kyle's wife or seek an annulment. Yet, when their enemy attacks, Skye faces her greatest challenge.

Readers will be pleased to see the characters from Skye Lakota once more and find this second novel in Ms. Janssen's trilogy a satisfying and enjoyable read. SENSUAL (Apr., 338 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin