In this darkly erotic tale of self-discovery, Skye Delano has always known she was different. Her ability to become "wolfen" allows her to skillfully track people in need, and her Angelini genes allow her to mete out needed justice on perpetrators.

Detective Rico Santana knows how good Skye is on the trail, but what he really wants to know is how she will feel underneath him. As a cop, he always seeks justice, but he instinctively knows that Skye's methods don't mesh with a cop's restrictions.

Vampire Gian Banderali immediately knows and accepts that Skye is Angelini, even though her race is a danger to his kind. He also understands her body's needs better than she. Gian accepts her choice of Rico as her second mate because the three of them together are stronger against the forces of evil.

Filled with dark, sexual imagery as well as submissive and menage a taois fantasies, this is a story that will leave you marked by its eroticism. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Paige