With a title like this, how could a story go wrong? If paranormal erotic romance is a genre you dig and you're into tattooed rockers and demons, unfortunately disappointment may settle in. Slam Dance with the Devil starts off promising with a fun storyline and characters, but the excitement soon fizzles out. The smoldering sex will hold one's interest, but the convoluted sub-plots may prevent readers from finishing. Be sure to read the Demon Rock series in order.

Arc Map, the coolest rock 'n' roll band to hit the stage, is comprised of demons Kent, Isis and Unger. They need to feed off of the energy of their audiences to survive. Kent Gaol has been a mission to find his Muse — a demon's one true love — and has just about given up, thinking his lifelong partner doesn't even exist. Little does Kent know he's being tracked by P.I. Nona Harris, who's been ordered to investigate the mystery surrounding him and the group. Nona quickly falls under Kent's spell which surprises them both, and even though he tries to push this sexy ex-cop away, they're sexual connection is undeniable. As they grow close, Nona becomes a target for danger too and must choose between an eternity of love — or death. (CARINA PRESS, dl. $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi