The author keeps the plot moving at a quick pace, covering several months of her characters' lives in a condensed format. This works because Carr has crafted incredibly realistic characters that are easy to relate to. With this story, readers will get lots of raw emotion, sensual scenes and a wonderful evolution as the hero and heroine go from friends to lovers.

When high school teacher Ellie Hunter's relationship with a co-worker ends in complete disaster, she loses her job. Now that she's working at a new school, Ellie is determined to keep her personal and professional lives separate. However, she does not count on her sexy fellow teacher Trey Donovan's continued attempts to make her revaluate that decision. They have been casual acquaintances for years, but as Ellie gets to know Trey better she has more and more trouble ignoring the charismatic man who inspires all sorts of hot thoughts. When Ellie finally gives in to temptation, Trey offers her a fulfilling relationship — both sexually and emotionally. All Ellie has to do is let her past go and fully commit to Trey, but this is a lot easier said than done. (SAMHAIN, September 2011, dl, $3.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne