Uniquely capitalizing on the popular poetry slam hobby, this novel may have a seemingly simplistic storyline, by is so surprisingly fresh in its delivery that readers will be left clamoring for more. Hoover’s debut is a triple threat: emotional, entertaining and poetic. Be prepared to laugh and shed a few tears in this sweet story about finding a forever love in the midst of the tragedies of real life. A not-to-be-missed YA read!

Layken “Lake” Cohen is still dealing with her father’s death when her mother uproots their family, moving them from Texas to Michigan. Lake is unhappy about the change, but she starts to reconsider her attitude when she meets her good-looking new neighbor, Will Cooper. Will and Lake hit it off immediately and their commonalities serve to intensify their connection. However, with an unexpected revelation, their hope for a future together disappears. When Lake’s life is dealt another devastating blow, Will is presented with the opportunity to be her shining knight, but will he? (ATRIA BOOKS, Aug. 2012, 354 pp., $15.00)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch