Image of Slave (The Cat Star Chronicles)


Image of Slave (The Cat Star Chronicles)

Brooks presents a nice futuristic story with some interesting worlds and aliens in this Cat Star Chronicles offering. Fascinating world customs, a bit of a mystery and the relationship between the hero and heroine make this a very sensual romance. Though some explanations are repetitious, the hero is quite interesting, and the heroine a strong, independent woman.

In search of the sister who was kidnapped six years ago, Jacinth has trailed her to Statzeel, where all women are slaves.

To go there, she needs someone she can trust to pose as her owner. Jacinth chooses a slave, Cat, planning to free him in return for his cooperation.

But when they reach Statzeel, enemies from his past turn up. And things on this world are not as they appear, especially where her sister is concerned.

(Sourcebooks, Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley