Image of Slave To Love


Image of Slave To Love

Black delivers a combustible
blend of thrills, chills and a twist or two, which keeps the mood edgy
and off-balance. A series of vicious murders sets off the explosive, volatile relationship between the lovers,
which is quite explicit and sexually adventurous. You'll need a fan to
cool the heat and a heater to warm
the shivers, because once you start reading this book, it'll be hard
to stop.

Special investigations officer Caroline Palmer has had a secret crush on homicide detective Mick "Iceman" McGraw since she first met him. When a series of brutal murders occur -- the victims couples who participated in a sex club -- Mick requests that Caroline go undercover with him at the club. They will act as a couple and lure the killer into making an appearance.

What Caroline doesn't count on is Mick acting on his attraction to her. Before she knows it, Caroline is deeply involved with him on more than just a professional basis -- and she's participating in sexual activities she never dreamed she'd do privately, much less publicly. Soon, she can hardly distinguish between real life and fantasy. Will the two outwit their target and figure out what they mean to each other, or will they meet their end at the hands of a killer? (CAJUN HOT PRESS, Jun., 318 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers