Dark, intense and powerful all aptly describe this book and its half-vampire, half-human hero, Kye. Kye is on the hunt for Balthazar, the vampire who killed his family and transformed him into what he is. Now he's doing all he can to keep Balthazar from ruling the world.

He's not alone. Tali has escaped Balthazar's lifetime chain of human slavery with Mari, the female vampire who raised her as her own. Together, they are plotting to slay Balthazar.

Complex and with a twisted sense of humor, this story blends plot, characters, visual description and extra-spicy sex into a book that will hopefully evoke a sequel. Kye is one amazing lover, and it's great to see a human heroine who can put a male vampire in his place! While not for the faint of heart, this is a wonderful book and a great read. (dl $6.49)

Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne