Image of Slayers


Image of Slayers

Hill’s foray into fantasy is nothing this reviewer hasn’t seen before, but it’s not a bad book in its own right. Readers will enjoy the way in which Hill takes a different approach to dragon lore, but many of the characters are very superficial, and despite their growth, the lack of depth throughout the cast takes away from the action-packed plot.

Tori’s family has finally agreed to let her go to dragon camp this summer. As the daughter of a prominent senator, she usually goes somewhere fancier. In fact, her family was betting she’d call it quits before the first week was over. What they weren’t counting on was that Tori would learn why she was so obsessed with — and afraid of — a mythical creature. Hidden away from the rest of the camp, she and eight other teens who are descended from medieval knights use a combination of their unique abilities and old-fashioned skills to learn how to fight dragons. Which is totally crazy … except that Tori can hear better than most people and she can run faster, and maybe she does belong to this group of dragon-fighting teens. Only time, and battle, will tell if this misfit rich girl can make it at camp, or what the Slayers will do without her if she can’t … (FEIWEL AND FRIENDS, Oct., 384 pp., $16.99, HC, ISBN: 9780312614140, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller