Image of Sleep No More (Charlotte Westing Chronicles)


Image of Sleep No More (Charlotte Westing Chronicles)

Although oracle mythology has been rising in popularity in the YA genre, Pike continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Original, captivating and with a plot that will keep readers on the edge of each page, this thriller is more than your average paranormal drama meets coming-of-age-story.

Charlotte can see the future, occasionally. She’s an oracle, and like her Aunt Sierra, she often has visions of what’s about to happen. At 16, Charlotte has been taught to do her best to fight off the visions, and to never alter the future — no matter the circumstances. Other than that, her aunt refuses to answer questions, and promises to fill her in once she’s 18. When a vision she can’t ignore shows one of her classmates horrifically murdered, Charlotte is torn about what to do. Before she can decide, the vision comes true. Consumed by guilt and desperate for answers, Charlotte turns to an anonymous texter who promises information. Together, she and the odd-but-knowledgeable Smith work to expand her oracle powers and discover who is killing teens in their small town. But for every kid they save, another dies and Charlotte knows she must stop the killer. (HARPERTEEN, Apr., 352 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780061999031, HC, 12 & Up)
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Raven Haller